Calling all filmmakers, viners, youtubers, snapchatters, instagrammers,…!

Nth Screen is holding its first ever film competition: the Nthscars. We are seeking delightful / moving / beautiful / funny / dramatic 10-second video mosaics made by you using the Nth Screen app and uploaded to nthscreen.tv. They could be documentaries, fiction, concept pieces, abstract visual montages, or … whatever you think will excite or move our judges.

Nth Screen is in its infancy (the app is in beta). Dynamic multiscreen is a new medium and we are looking to you to surprise us and to push the boundaries of what can be achieved through synchronised video mosaics. Have a look at the examples on the Nth Screen home page. Can you do better?

Our judges will award a prize for the top mosaic, with a ‘special mention’ category for any runners-up.


Submissions may be fact or fiction, in any genre. To be eligible for the competion, submitted mosaics:

  • Must include 2-10 different synchronised videos shot using Nth Screen, in a montage of no more than 12 videos (some videos may be duplicated in the montage)
  • Must be no more than 10 seconds in duration
  • May include sound
  • May be filmed by one or more individuals
Important dates
  • Monday 30th March 23:59 BST: submission deadline.
  • Thursday 2nd April 6:30pm: Nthscars award ceremony at the Pervasive Media Studio

To be considered for the competition, submissions must be received at
by the deadline of Monday 30th March 23:59 BST.

Submissions must be CCed to all participants (i.e. people whose films appear) in the submitted mosaic, and must include:

  • The URL of your nthscreen.tv mosaic
  • The names and email addresses of all who filmed in the session
  • The name of the person who will: act as a contact for the submitting group; receive any prize awarded and share it among the group; attend the awards ceremony (if possible).

The winning entry will be awarded £100 (awarded to the submitting group collectively via its nominee). It will also be showcased on nthscreen.tv and publicised via social media.


Mark Cosgrove, Cinema Curator at Watershed in Bristol

Mandy Rose, Director of the Digital Cultures Research Centre, UWE

Rich Warren, Encounters festival coordinator

Jasmine Butt, Pervasive Media Studio

Getting the App

The app is available here.

You will be using beta software: that is, it has known bugs and almost certainly new ones that you will uncover. It might not work on your mobile device.

Your feedback about the app – what it does right, what it gets wrong and what you think it should do but doesn’t — is very welcome.


Send any questions about the Nthscars to
. For all other matters, please visit our contact page.

Terms & Conditions

Individuals retain copyright over their submitted videos.

The judges’ decision is final.

Any submission that breaches the terms and conditions of nthscreen.tv will be removed from the site and excluded from entry to the competition.

If authorship or inclusion in a submission is disputed within 24 hours of the submission deadline, the submission will be withdrawn from entry.

By submitting your entry, all members of the group agree for it to be used as a showcase on nthscreen.tv, and in Nth Screen promotions via any medium without restriction as to time.

Nth Screen takes no responsibility for failure to submit an entry or failure to win any particular prize in relation to the function or malfunction of the app or the website.